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Project Description

Write Together Adult Literacy Scheme

This project offers a series of adult basic education supports to learners wishing to better their reading, writing, maths and computer skills.

  • One to one support in small learning groups for 2 hours each week, both in CAPRN Centres and on an Outreach basic.
  • Training in basic computers
  • Developing reading/spelling skills, based on the Alpha to Omega book, through computers using the Touch Type Read and Spell Programme.
  • I.T.A.B.E – an intensive literacy support programme for 6 hours for 14 weeks to help the adult learner break through their barriers to learning.
  • A Family Learning Programme of 6-10 weeks, including helping parents make Story Sacks for their children.
  • Drive Theory Test support.
  • FETAC accreditation for a variety of modules up to level 6 through the Education and Rights Resource Centre and The City of Cork VEC.
  • A study skills programme in conjunction with Terence McSwiney Community College.
  • English and Maths for everyday living.
  • A Return to Education Programme in Terence McSwiney Community College, in conjunction with FAS and the City of Cork VEC, for Community Employment participants wishing to improve their skill.
  • Training for Volunteer Literacy Helpers (as needed) to service some 30 Learning Groups that form part of our work.

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